Kieran Parker


I'm a designer who is passionate about creating beautiful yet functional digital products. Heavily planted in the startup world, I enjoy being part of the process that takes a product from idea to reality, especially all the discovery & exploration that comes with it.
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Two Sides Of Me

As a creative, I am passionate about making new things to put out into the world. Most are in the form of designs and directed towards client projects. However, in my spare time, I enjoy exploring ideas that are purely mine. Either way, you can view my final projects I completed with some amazing clients, or follow my journey as I learn, create and build personal projects!
Client Projects
A collection of projects I have worked on with a variety of clients.
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Personal Projects
My side-projects can be designs, projects or explorational journeys.
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Designs, Projects & Digital Products

I am proud of every project I have worked on and honored to have had the opportunity to do so. These projects were selected to show a variety of design styles, digital mediums & project exploration. UI & UX are my most common project roles, but I occasionally work on Branding too.
Please bear with me, this site is new and I am still creating/uploading case studies to each project!

Documenting As I Go

As I continue to grow as a designer engrossed in the startup world, I naturally expand into other areas. I try to document all my important thoughts, plans, lessons, and difficulties, in hopes that others in the same position can relate to my journey.