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There are so many businesses and organizations out there that rely daily on the gathering and managing of data. But the tools they use are somewhat outdated, limited and not optimized to take advantage of the new technology we use in our daily life.

Conseris aims to bring the world of data into the modern day and take full advantage of modern technology to make gathering data easier, visually understanding it simpler and sharing your findings with others a breeze.

One of the best use cases for Conseris that I always use when explaining to friends and colleagues would be for those within Disaster Relief Organisations.

For example, many disaster relief efforts require the collection of data to understand the scale of what has happened and how it has affected those involved so that they can better avoid or better aid similar events in the future. Currently, most organizations use analog methods such as pen and paper, or outdated software such as Excel and other spreadsheet-based tools. These are extremely time-consuming, in-efficient and have a lot of room for error.

However, Conseris would allow a team back at base setup the basic questionnaires and data variables they require, send that over to the team field for them to download (if they have limited internet access) or use it wirelessly on their mobiles, tablets or laptops. They can then go out onto the field and as each team member puts in information, it gets sent back to the team back at base real time for them to start analyzing right away. Making use of all sorts of tools such as advanced algorithms, visualizations, pattern detection and more to make sense of the data in a non-overwhelming and complex way. They can then create a presentation in Conseris itself to share with whomever they want to.

There are also other implementations and uses such as small businesses wanting to better understand their target market, scientific research studying specific organisms, geographical studies… the list is endless. If you need to gather data but don’t have an analytical background and could easily get overwhelmed by large amounts of data, Conseris helps to minimize that overload and instead of your gathered data back to you in an understandable way.

Below are a few of the internal screens. There are hundreds of these and 75% are text-based forms or inputs, which aren’t very interesting to look at so I picked a few of the more interesting ones.

The "Project Overview" screen. Showing all open team projects.

Inside a project can have sub-projects that feed into the overall project data

Inside the sub-projects you can see the visualisations of gathered data

With the data you gather, you can use it to create blog posts to share

An example of the blog post layout style


Conseris is by far the biggest single project I have worked on. At the start, I knew very little in terms of data and how to visualize it, but after the amount of time I spent on this project I feel like I am a master at data visualization.

The application itself is getting plenty of users every day who give positive feedback about how easy it is to use, navigate and create forms to gather the data. As well as how beautiful the visualizations are and how much of a difference the UI is compared to other tools they have used in the past.

Technically, Conseris is still a work in progress. There are always new ideas and features ready to be implemented, but so is every other digital product out there! So I am excited to see how Conseris grows and changes in the future!