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Manually handling large amounts of data in excel spreadsheets, where one mistake could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars is not an easy task.

Seeing the light, Magnolia decided it was time to ditch the old-fashioned ways and build an internal system that made their life easier by automating the data as much as possible and displaying the information that will help them make informed decisions faster.

But for that, they needed a way to visually show this new automated data-driven system

Data Overload

It is mind-blowing how much data Magnolia was manually managing each and every day. But I had to wrap my head around how they do things and what they needed so I was able to design the best solution for their needs.

For them, they felt the most important set of information would be the owners’ page.
This is where most of their interactions happen. They contact owners to buy their leases and then manage the process of this exchange to make sure it is flowing smoothly.

The owners' page. Each row is a single owner, which can be expanded to show each individual lease they own and the process of exchange.


Data is boring, but it important to keep the dashboard clean and clutter free. So, how do you make it look somewhat appealing?

Well, my solution was to keep everything White & Black, whilst also giving a bit of flair by using a floating/shadow system.

This helps give the feeling of depth on elements that sit on top of others.

A selection of the "hovering elements" throughout the Magnolia Application.

Making Sense Of The Data

Visually representing data is important. It allows for anyone to take a quick look and see how things are performing. This is especially important for new employees who may still be coming to terms on how things work, they will be able to understand how things are doing if they can visually see the data of importance.

This is a key factor for Magnolia, as they grow, they hire more people and those people need to understand what they are looking at from day one.

Mailing campaigns as they bulk contact owners with offers to buy their ownership.
Each mailing campaign also has a breakdown of their individual outcomes. So that Magnolia are able to retarget for the next one.
Tracking who has been contacted and the outcome helps the team keep an eye on efficiency and lets them know if there is an issue that needs addressing.
To make an offer on a lease, they first need to know how that lease has been performing, as well as how it is expected to perform down the line.

Keeping The System Chuggin'

Using the data to make informed buying decisions is great, but what about after that initial offer has been made? There needs to be a system that keeps the entire process going along at maximum efficiency.

Tasks still need doing, phone calls still need to be made and outcomes logged, and deals still need to be closed. Without the internal management tools keeping everything on track, the data to buy and sell is useless.

Individuals "To-Do" list. Each column is a different role they perform.
Managing individual customers profiles is also key because tracking previous offers, calls and information is important to keep the customer happy and the sale on track.

Data Is Displayed, Designs Are Done

One of the more challenging projects I have taken on to date. There were so many spreadsheets of real, working data that needed to be organized and displayed in ways that weren’t immediately obvious. Throw in the need for at least half of that data to link to other areas of the application and it quickly became a mess of interlinking datasheets.

However, the more I worked on this project, the more the hieroglyphic looking spreadsheets started to make sense to me, and the easier I was able to “connect the dots”.

The designs are now being used as their main system, and they don’t know how they ever lived without it!

After Project Thoughts

During my research noticed, the world of data management is so out-dated! Everyone is so stuck using the tools that work, they don’t realize just how out-dated they are!

In a world of AI Bots, advanced algorithms and modern design, there is no reason to be working out of large, unmanagable excel spreadsheets!

If you are someone who has a project/product that relies heavily on data, email me, I am sure there is something we can do about it!