Process & Services

When it comes to working with clients, I want to provide value to every project I work on. That means more than just design, I implement creative thinking, strategy and design services to achieve an overarching goal, not just a single deliverable.

I want to be seen as an investment into your company, not an expense.

Project Process

Working with me is more than just hiring a designer. I want to make sure I am doing everything I can to help you & your company. Initial Meetings and Planning, Product Strategy, Designs & “After-Care” are some of the core blocks in my process


Kickoff & Planning

If we find, after our initial consultation, that we are a good fit, we will move onto the next stage, which is where we will talk more in-depth about the project. We shall talk about the goals, hopes, and dreams, short & long term. Then, plan out how we want to get there and what success would look like.


Project Strategy

Next, I will have all the information I need to start doing some detailed research. This varies from project to project, but essentially I want to build a good idea of what the end product should look like, discover any features that may help achieve the set goal or find anything that may help direct us closer towards it.


Design & Discovery

Now we get into the really exciting bit. This is where the product starts to come to life. I'll design all the deliverables we set out during our previous meetings and incorporate all of the strategies we discussed to make sure the project is a complete success in the eyes of your customers.


Completed But Not Over

Just because the initial requirements were met and deliverables were handed over, doesn't mean the project is done. More often than not, especially on a larger project. Things need to be tweaked and re-worked as we gather more data on the new designs. Helping clients through this period of experimentation is just as important as the initial designs.

You Ready?

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Design Services

Many services I offer fall under one service, Product Design. Different to UI, Web or Branding design, Product Design uses all of those services (and more) to create an actual product, not just a singular element. I offer this in two different ways, a hands-on design approach, or more of a consultancy and guidance one.

Hands On Product Design_

This is a hands-on design service. The aim is to uncover what your end goal is, and decide on the best way for me to help you achieve it. Plenty of Strategy sessions, Brainstorming, and Full Designs are included in this service. The aim is to come out the other side with final designs and strategies to help you achieve what it is you set out to do.

Design Consultant_

For those who need guidance as opposed to a hands-on designer, the consultancy route is a good choice. It allows you to pick my brain, request feedback, and conduct strategy meetings. You get all of my expertise, knowledge, and brainpower to help you with your project. Whilst reducing the cost when actual final designs are not needed.