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Visually Expressing What You Stand For

In a world where big ideas are often created in a small room behind closed doors, Rising Tide hopes to change that by making the way entrepreneurs work more transparent.

By building a local community, Rising Tide hopes to help startups share their ideas, process, and products with others in a similar situation. But first, they need an online presence to help them share members news, updates, and information. As well as a place for others to find out about upcoming tours of local startups to get a peek under the hood.

Thinking Outside The Box

Positioning themselves as a strong pillar in the startup community and “out of the box” thinkers, combined with the meaning behind their name (A rising tide lifts all ships) I created this logo-mark.

Strong, bold outlines, an off-set box, and subtle shapes that represent a tide rising upon the letter. Visually, it ticks all boxes as well as giving us a style to work with throughout the site.

Enforcing A Brand

A logo isn’t a brand. A brand is everything that makes up the identity of a company. Luckily, the logo has some strong elements that look good when applied to other digital elements. We can use this to structure the basics of the brand guidelines and apply it to any material we want whilst still keeping consistency.

Everything shows as an “out of the box” allowing us to implement this unique layout to a traditional website page and still make it look unique.

Examples of how various elements would look using this offset styling.

The Page To Build Interest

The most important part of the site for Rising Tide was their facility tours. This is their most popular event, allowing members of the public or other entrepreneurs tour other facilities to get an understanding of how other people work.

It also allows the companies themselves to show off what they have been working on and generate some early users.

As you can see, the implementation of the off-set boxes really helps give an otherwise traditional layout a unique spin.

The Home Page. Consisting of Featured Tours, Community Members & Recent News.

Secondary Screens, Equal Importance

Two other important pages are the individual member’s profile page and the individual business page. Both serve a similar purpose but in a different way.

The business page shows off the business at a high level. News, Blog posts, Updates, products. Whereas a member page is just an individual. Their news, updates, and interest.

Everyone can be a member, but not everyone has a company.

Examples of an individual business page, as well as an individual community member profile page.

Project Wrap Up

This site was a little different from typical projects. When designing, it is rather rare to have complete creative control, freedom, and trust to create concepts you think would best serve the required purpose. But Rising Tide knew that I understood their needs completely and trusted I would make the right decisions for them and their community.

Their original website was put up quickly due to necessity. It was a WordPress theme (or other stock theme) and didn’t show anything special about their companies vision or values.

Now, their website not only stands out from the crowd and shows what they believe in, but is a place for the community to hang out on, browse daily and make business connections that they were otherwise unable to make.

Mobile examples of the home page, and business profile page. All elements stack into a single column.

After Project Thoughts

A lot of the time, a client will get too involved and restrict or skew the creative process. It is understandable, I work with a lot of startups and their projects are their passion, their baby. They want to make sure it is done to their vision. Which is why I always take the time to understand every aspect of a project before I pencil touches paper.

I want to know how it started, why it started, where you hope to take it, and just spend the first meeting (or more) listening to understand where the client is at.

This often shows I care about the project as much as they do and helps alleviate some anxiety on the client’s side. But, I understand that sometimes that isn’t enough.

Which is why I ask anyone reading this to reach out to me and tell me what a designer could do to best serve you. To gain your trust, let you know that I too want you to succeed and will do everything I can to help you achieve success.