I work closely with startups and their teams to fully understand their journey, issues, and goals to deliver strategic, user-focused design solutions.

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Bristol, UK July 31st 2021 12:24 PM
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I design products & experiences users love and keep coming back to

I'm Kieran Parker, a product designer immersed in the startup world and everything it offers. I enjoy being part of the initial phases of a project/company, where ideas are being explored, boundaries are being pushed, and you can feel the passion and excitement each day. In fact, I love working on startup projects so much that in my spare time, I work on a few of my own.

“Research suggest that a well-conceived, frictionless UX design could potentially raise customer conversion rates up to 400%”

“Only 1 out of 26 customers complain when they are unsatisfied. 91% of unsatisfied customers who don’t complain simply leave.”



Over the years, I've partnered with startups of all sizes and various stages to create some truly unique products. Here are a few that I feel were the most challenging yet rewarding.

Local League

Case Study Coming Soon

Host or join local sporting activities


My Contact Network

Case Study Coming Soon

A contact list for the fast paced world



Case Study Coming Soon

Allowing employees to access their money when they want it



Case Study Coming Soon

Making the dive into legal citation a little less scary




Over the years, I have refined my process to discover and identify critical issues and friction points while also delivering user-centered, goal-driven designs.

& Clarify

One of the most essential steps in the process is identifying and defining all aspects of the project, such as project goals, audience, market, competitors, specifications, & requirements.

& Strategize

My goal with each project is to deliver solid and real-world solutions that achieve actual business needs. We do this through idea generation & exploration to discover which paths make sense.

An Experience

The creative part of the process, where we take everything we have learned and use it to help direct a solution-based design approach that aims to solve the issues and achieve our set goals.

& Direct

The real world rarely matches the blueprints. So, I stick around to make sure reality matches the vision. And, if not, I am there to help direct or offer possible solutions.



Building my own products helps me explore new design trends & techniques while also allowing me to experience the trials and tribulations startups and their teams face.

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