Making the dive into legal citation a little less scary






Navigating the legal world can be an extremely daunting and overwhelming process. It can also require a lot of time, dedication, and organization to navigate through.

Citeblue aims to alleviate a lot of the leg work that goes into legal preparation/research. Allowing both experienced lawyers and those new to the field to search through the legal database, explore similar cases/citations & organize them into manageable projects ready to be retrieved at a moment's notice.

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Clear, Calm, Professional

Citeblue is aimed at legal professionals, legal students & members of the public with legal concerns.

Because of this, we kept Citeblue feeling extremely professional and sleek while making the user experience a clear and calm one at all times. One way we achieved this was through our branding. Combining sharp, sleek text with plenty of whitespace, along with a calming blue and minimalist logo,

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Crafting a Calm Experience

The biggest challenge when designing the User Experience for a product such as Citeblue is making everything as easy to understand, navigate and use as possible.

This was achieved mainly by keeping the UI clutter-free and building consistency & repetition throughout the pages.

Another way we created a calm user experience was by making sure the user flow was as smooth as possible. This was done by adding a few quality of life features such as quick add, sidebars of "additional information," and related documents.

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Overwhelming Turned Simple

Jumping into this project, it felt like it would be impossible to make the experience friendly. However, planning out potential user flows, implementing strategic thinking, stripping the product down to its essentials, and then building it back up again allowed us to achieve our goal of a calm, easy-to-use product.