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Asking for feedback is one of the most valuable things an individual can do when designing. Building a product. Though, typically the way we ask and receive that feedback sets us up for failure.

For heeed, we want to expand upon the idea of asking for feedback and add powerful features that will allow for better, more targeted feedback for its users while also offering a rewarding system for those providing feedback.

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Community Vibes

At its heart, the heeed community is filled with passionate people willing to take the time to help others succeed. Because of this, we feel that the brand, experience, and site itself should embody a friendly, quirky, and fun vibe, which can adapt and grow alongside the community.

Another core concept that shaped the direction of the brand/experience is the reward-based gamification system that drives interactions between heeed users.

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Powerful Interactions

For individuals to provide helpful feedback, they first need to find posts in which they feel their expertise will shine.

Once one is found, they need to have the context on what it is the user. It is looking for so that they can leave targetted feedback.

Finally, there needs to be a way to have a discussion, not just a comment. Discussions can lead to more clarity and, therefore, more substantial feedback.

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Beta & Beyond

Going into this project, it was known that heeed was launching as a closed beta. A mistake a lot of people make is to design and build a complete product before launch.

The problem is, until the users have their hands on the product, it is really unknown how it will be used.

So instead, for heed, it made sense to double down on the core concept, allowing the extra time/resources to be spent on user research & strategy to nail down the core concept on which everything else will be built.