Allowing employees to access their money when they want it.






It can be highly stressful when an unexpected expense pops up, especially when your finances are tight this month. Cash advances are a temporary solution, but more often than not, they come with extortionate rates, which only kicks the can down the road.

ProntoPay wants to offer a way for companies to offer their employees cash advances on hours already worked without the high-interest fees. Making it easy to access the money you have earned without having to wait until payday.

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Concept & Approach

Prontopay is looking to help individuals who need access to their funds, who would otherwise be taken advantage of. It is this mission that promotes power & empathy. They understand things may be tight, and you need access to funds, but you are only borrowing from what you have already earned. Not looking for handouts.

We also want to keep the experience simple and easy to understand. No hidden fees, no surprises. Quick, easy & straightforward.

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Modern, Friendly Branding

Money can be a tricky subject to talk about. As a financial company, it is your job to build a feeling of trust, security, empathy, and connection with your users.

The first step is to build a brand that tries to encompass those feelings in a succinct, engaging, and maybe even subconscious way. For Prontopay, we used color theory when selecting the brand colors. Psychologically, Blue is associated with many feelings, such as trust, loyalty, sincerity, confidence, etc. It is also widely adopted in the tech world (likely due to these positive connotations), which builds familiarity.

Beyond color, we used an abstract shape to represent folded money, displayed as a directional shape to promote a feeling of positivity and progress, and where possible, combine the shapes to give a sense of community.

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Security, Trust & Clarity

With any finance app, trust is critical. If you feel the app is built poorly or your experience is confusing, you are likely to leave and never come back.

Designing the onboarding flow, I wanted to explain each step as they go. Why we require certain information as requested, explain that the signup is slightly longer than typical signup due to added steps for security. I want to build a feeling of trust and security with the user, that everything we are doing is to keep their information safe while also keeping it as straightforward as possible.

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Designing for the Users

Prontopays website is targeted towards companies looking to adopt Prontopay and offer it to their employees as an added benefit.

While the core feature/mission of Prontopay remains the same, an important thing to consider when appealing to two different audiences is that they both have different concerns. For example, an employer may care about ease of setup, initial fees, or ease of adoption. While an employee may not care about any of those things and just care about their own personal benefits.

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Designed for Growth

Prontopay was an exciting project, mainly because we had to plan for two different types of users and adjust accordingly.

Not only that, but a challenge throughout the project was to design with the potential for growth in mind. Not typical growth of the company, but expansion into other (related) areas. This meant we had to pre-plan for unknown circumstances that may or may not happen without impacting the current goal at hand.